Saint-Gobain SG15-05 - Professional Industrial High Temperature PTFE Fiberglass Fabric Tape - 36 Yards

Saint Gobain


Saint-Gobain High Performance SG15 is a fiberglass fabric impregnated with PTFE dispersion and coated with high-temperature, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. It is very durable and versatile product. The combination of PTFE, fiberglass and high temperature acrylic adhesive allows SG15 to perform in continuous temperatures up to 500F. It is dimensionally stable and resistant to tears, punctures, abrasion and wear. It will not cold flow under heavy loads. Applications: SG15 is frequently used by the packaging industry as a release surface on heat sealers, blister formation and form-fill-seal equipment. The durability and anti-stick properties of it also make it an ideal material for the lining of guide rails, chutes, and slides. The high temperature capabilities and non-stick properties of SG15 allow it to perform as an excellent release surface in the composite aircraft industry.

  • Adhesive Type: Super Stick Silicone
  • Adhesion to Steel: 60 oz/in
  • Total Thickness: .0073 in.
  • Elongation: 5%
  • Operating Temperature: -100 to 500F

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