Saint-Gobain CHR 2905-7R Glass-Cloth Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape

Saint Gobain


Glass-Cloth Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape CHR 2905-7R is manufactured from heat-resistant fibreglass cloth backing coated with high-temperature silicone adhesive on both sides. CHR 2905-7R is exceptionally stable at high temperatures, allowing it to withstand temperatures up to 260°C. A non-corrosive product, 2905-7R is used in a variety of critical electrical applications. Other characteristics include excellent abrasion and edge tear resistance and exceptional flex strength. CHR 2905-7R has a wide variety of uses in the industrial and electrical markets. It is most widely used as a high temperature masking tape for metalising or plasma spray coatings. CHR 2905-7R is also used as a holding tape for components on circuit boards, inner wraps for coils and transformers and high temperature splicing.

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