Intertape 1100 - Cold Temp Premium Carton Sealing Tape - 2 X 55YD - 36 Rolls per Case



1100 is a 3 mil premium hot melt polypro carton sealing tape. It has a premium BOPP film backing and is specially formulated with pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive. For optimal closure of recycled corrugate boxes and in application environments down to 35F. Superior adhesion properties, holding force, tensile strength, and easy unwind. Perfect for recycled corrugate cartons. Applications: best for recycled boxes and other demanding applications. Cold temperature application tape. Packaging, repair, sealing, bundling, and great for shipping hazards and stress. Great for cold temperature application industries, warehouses, shipping, and even home use. Perfect for recycled boxes!

  • Adhesive Type: Synthetic Rubber
  • Adhesion to Steel: 46 oz/in
  • Tensile Strength: 32 lb/in
  • Elongation: 150%
  • Total Thickness: 3.0 mils

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