Central 235 Reinforced Water Activated Gum Tape - 3 Inch X 450 Feet - Natural Color - 10 Rolls per Order



Intertape K6044 3-way fiberglass reinforced natural kraft carton sealing tape, manufactured with water activated adhesive. Used for two strip sealing cartons top and bottom. Works well on recycled cartons, and non-unitized loads.

Recommended for use on light weight to average cartons up to 25 pounds.

This gum tape is ideal for sealing heavy boxes and recycled cartons! Great for home, business, industrial, and professional uses! Since it features a 3 way reinforcement, this tape has great holding strength for any shipping you do. Cut to various lengths and 2 strip sealing holds boxes together perfectly through the shipping process.

  • Adhesive Type:Chemically Grafted Starch Based Co-polymer Adhesive
  • Re-moistenable Adhesive:15 Lb. Chemically Grafted Starch Based Co-polymer Adhesive
  • Laminating Adhesive: 14 Lb. High Melt Index Polypropylene Based Co-Polymer
  • 3 - way reinforced sealing
  • Water activated

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